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Our partners

Our partnerships reflect our dedication to providing the best quality and care for our cats. Together, we weave a web of skill and passion to create a unique experience for our feline and human customers.

As a passionate cat breeder, we always strive to provide our precious four-legged friends with the best possible care, including top quality nutrition. This is why we have chosen to work closely with Royal Canin, a company renowned for its commitment to animal health and welfare.

Through this collaboration, we can ensure that our kittens and adult cats receive a diet specially formulated to meet their unique nutritional needs.

By choosing our kittens, you can be confident in the quality of the food they have received from a young age, thanks to Royal Canin.

Plus, as a loyal customer, you'll receive generous offers from our partner, so you can continue to provide your feline companion with the best nutrition throughout their life.
At kingdomofcats, we are proud to announce our partnership withPetsecureCanada's leading pet insurance. Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable partner to protect the health of your four-legged friends.

Petsecure offers a full range of pet insurance options that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Whether it is to cover unexpected veterinary expenses, routine examinations or specialized care,Petsecure accompanies you throughout the course of your pet's life. We believe that every animal deserves the best possible care, and our partnership with Petsecure allows you to provide the financial security needed to care for your loyal friend.

At the house ofKingdomofcats, we are proud to say that all our cats are registered with a pedigreeFCA. This certification guarantees the purity of the breed of our kittens and demonstrates our commitment to breeding the highest quality cats.


We firmly believe in the importance of preserving the distinctive characteristics of each breed of cat, and our partnership withthe AFC allows us to do so with integrity and authenticity.

We are delighted to share this collaboration with our customers, as it ensures that our kittens are not only loving companions, but also exemplary representatives of their respective breed. Thank you for joining us in this exciting adventure of cat breeding in partnership with the Cat Association of Canada.

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