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British Black golden litter available! 

Melody-Tango, music staff

Thank you very much for the document. I am attaching some photos of Tango and Melody (who are now called Leo and Zelda), they are 2 little balls of love, I have never seen kittens so affectionate and adapt so quickly to a new home. They are really adorable.

Sapphire, Gemstone Scope

Heeelloo just letting you know that he eats really well, he's very energetic and he loves to stay with us, when we call his name he understands, thank you so much 🤩🤩🤩

Jazz, Staff Music

My baby cat is a Scottish Fold, I got him at 3 months, he is amazing, muscular, vigorous, smart, beautiful coat, gorgeous color, when he arrived already litter trained, I love my Jazz born from the Music staff! Mr. Omar is very attentive and gives good advice. Great experience, I recommend this breeder. Thank you for allowing me to get this joy of living in the house.

Our partners

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More than a job, A PASSION

Kingdomofcats, registered CCA-AFC specialized in British Shorthair and Scottish Breeding, the  physique of our curvy cats can only make you completely crack! Their enchanting character will bring you joy, happiness and a lot of tenderness within your family.

We make it a point of honor to raise our cats as naturally as possible and in family life.


We greatly invite you to follow us on instagram ''Lovelycatskingdom'' to enter our Universe with daily stories, tips, news, our favorites and our rants, in short, a shared passion without taboos or language of wood.

Preparing my house!

Preparing the home for a new cat is essential for the cat to feel comfortable and safe in its new environment. Here are some steps to follow to prepare the house for the arrival of a new cat:

  1. Create a comfortable space: The cat will need a quiet and comfortable place to sleep and rest. It is important to provide him with a cozy bed and give him access to a quiet room where he can retreat.

  2. Prepare the accessories: It is important to have all the accessories that the cat will need, such as bowls for food and water, a litter box, toys, scratching posts and brushes for grooming.

  3. Securing the house: It is important to secure the house for the cat, ensuring that there are no potential dangers, such as poisonous plants or accessible electrical wires.

  4. Prepare the litter box: It is important to choose an appropriate litter box for the cat and to place it in a quiet and accessible place. The litter should be cleaned regularly.

  5. Familiarize the cat with the house: It is important to introduce the cat gradually to its new home by letting it explore the different rooms at its own pace. This will help the cat become familiar with its new environment.

In summary, preparing the home for the arrival of a new cat requires providing a comfortable space, appropriate accessories, a safe home, clean litter, and allowing the cat to acclimate to its new surroundings.

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