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The British Shorthair in a few facts

  • OriginGreat Britain

  • Developing countriesGreat Britain

  • Period19th century

  • Hair lengthShort

  • Hair typeSmooth

  • Heavy Shedding (daily brushing)

  • Sentimental Behavior

  • Medium Ears

  • SizeMedium to large

  • Weight4 to 8 kg

  • Thick Tail

  • HousingInterior and Exterior​

Origin of the British Shorthair

The British Shorthair, originally from Great Britain, also called British shorthair, is a variety of the British breed. This one is composed of the 2 varieties british long hair et british shorthair.

Presentation of the British Shorthair

Medium to large in size. Weight: 4 kg to 8 kg. Body of semi-cobby to cobby (brevilinear) type, robust, powerful, well-muscled.

The color of the eyes must be in relation to that of the dress, with a preference for the most intense and the most brilliant colors.

With its teddy-like appearance, this cat is peaceful, playful, patient, well balanced, not very emotional. Of an even character, he is easy to live with. It adapts as well to the city as to the countryside where it turns out to be a formidable hunter. Sociable with his congeners and dogs, he can be lively and playful. He is very affectionate, but not intrusive. Rustic, it needs 2 to 3 years to reach maturity. His puberty is relatively late. Weekly brushing and combing is sufficient. At the time of moulting, which is important, brushing will be daily.

Particularity of the British Shorthair

The British Shortair is the short-haired variety of the British Longhair.

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