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Our identity

“The cat does not caress us, it caresses itself to us. » Antoine Rivarol

More than a job, A PASSION!

Kingdomofcats, registered CCA-AFC specialized in British shorthair and Scottish breeding, the  physique of our curvaceous kittens can only make you completely crack! Their enchanting character will bring you joy, happiness and a lot of tenderness within your family.

We make it a point of honor to raise our cats as naturally as possible and to family life


We greatly invite you to follow us on instagram  Lovelycatskingdom to enter our Universe with daily stories, tips, news, our favorites and our rants, in short, a shared passion without taboos or waffle.


After confirmation from me on the availability of the kitten, a deposit will be requested, the reservation becomes final upon receipt of your transfer,​ In the event of withdrawal by the buyer after the reservation, the deposit will not be returned, as it engages both parties. 

Upon receipt of your transfer, you will be notified and the kitten will no longer be available on our site.

We will receive video photos of your kitten every week and you can also come and visit it at our cattery. 

On the day of departure of the kitten, the amount of the kitten must be paid in full;

we accept the amount  in cash or by INTERAC transfer.

No check will be accepted on the day of departure.


 Delivery across Canada!


Our kittens leave:

(The pack below is equivalent to a Value of $950) 

"However, your kitten's health is priceless" 

✅ Vaccination (Two doses) 

✅ Vermifuge.

✅ Treatment against ticks (If outdoor cat). 

✅ Identification by electronic chip. 

✅ Castration (Optional)

✅ CCA-AFC registration.

✅ Owner Transfer Agreement. 

✅  6 week kitten insurance offered.

✅  Starter kite "Transport cage, toys and food supplies" 

✅ Pedigree on request.

✅ Vet certificate guaranteeing good health.

✅ Sleeping or a plaid with the smell of his whole family.

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